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ALACTE provides leadership on issues related to professional education, with primary focus on teacher education and promotes effective public policy regarding professional education, enhances and improves professional education programs at member institutions, and enhances the professional effectiveness of members.

State Policy Statement to Enhance Educator Preparation

State Policy Statements to Enhance Educator Preparation, developed by the Advisory Council of State Representatives (ACSR). The statements highlight state policy priorities representing the consensus view of more than 1,100 educator preparation providers (EPPs) belonging to the 45 state chapters of AACTE. Chapter leaders participated in a collaborative process to develop the document, agreeing on key statements and policy recommendations under the following three priority areas:

  • Respect Educators as Professionals
  • Strengthen the Educator Pipeline
  • Improve Data Systems

The statements were developed in response to survey results from state chapter leaders which identified the most salient policy issues impacting educator preparation at the program, institution, and state levels. Download the document here, and read more about the policy statements and why they were created in this blog by Nadene Davidson, chair of the ACSR Executive Committee.

We encourage you to use and share this document, either in its original form or adapted to meet your local and state needs. To assist you, we have developed tools and resources including a statement template, social media messages, newsletter/website text, and opinion editorial suggestions. See below for details:

Statement Template for State Chapters and Members
Customize this template for distribution to your own policy and stakeholder community by adding your logo and other specific information.

Social Media Messages
Distribute the state policy statements to your local and state policy makers, PK-12 partners, and media contacts directly via social media. Here’s sample language to help you do so:


Support 3 policy priorities to enhance #teacherprep! Check out new @AACTE state chapter policy statements: http://bit.ly/ACSR16

What are top 3 state issues for #teacherprep? See consensus view of 1,100 EPPs in @AACTE state chapters:http://bit.ly/ACSR16


New consensus document from 1,100 educator preparation providers in AACTE state chapters highlights top three policy priorities.











Newsletter/Website Text
Discover the three most important state policy areas impacting educator preparation today. New state policy statements were developed by leaders from the 45 state chapters of the American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education, of which [your state chapter or institution] is a proud member, to support the advocacy work of educator preparation programs. Learn more at http://www.aacte.org/policy-and-advocacy/state-policy-and-legislation.

The policy statements provide ready-made talking points for an op-ed to your local news outlet. Choose the points that resonate in your state or region, add your own perspectives, and get ready to influence public opinion, promote critical thinking, and call on policy makers to take action. See our suggested prompts in this file.

We hope the new ACSR policy statements will become a useful tool in your state advocacy work. Please share your stories with us about how you are using these tools and their impact!

If you have questions or need additional information, please contact us at shsu@aacte.org or agoldstein@aacte.org.

Alabama Association of Colleges for Teacher Education (ALACTE) is an affiliate of the American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education (AACTE). The views expressed on this website are the views of ALACTE.